Scented Nectar's Free 3D Texture Sets

Below are hundreds of free, abstract, tiling, 3D texture sets to download.


The first 10 packs have a total of 529 Texture Sets (the ones shown in the video above).


SN Texture Pack 010 - 57 texture

SN Texture Pack 009 - 55 texture

SN Texture Pack 008 - 50 texture

SN Texture Pack 007 - 70 texture

SN Texture Pack 006 - 53 texture

SN Texture Pack 005 - 47 texture

SN Texture Pack 004 - 62 texture

SN Texture Pack 003 - 55 texture

SN Texture Pack 002 - 39 texture

SN Texture Pack 001 - 41 texture

Wall: one of the normal maps with a copper material. Floor: one of the diffuse maps.

Each set contains 2 diffuse/albedo maps, 2 normal maps, and 6 greyscale maps (interchangable as any maps that use greyscale images, eg metallic maps):

The 2 diffuse/albedo maps in each texture set, are negative images of each other, with both hues and the light/dark values reversed. Rotating their hues can never make one look exactly like the other since their light/dark values are also reversed.

The 2 normal maps in each texture set, are the inverse of each other. Use whichever one produces the effect you're going for.

The 6 greyscale maps in each texture set, can be used as any type of greyscale input, such as roughness, gloss, specular, metalic, transparency, etc.
I used batch processes to make the greyscales, so some are complete duds while others are quite useful. It's hit or miss!

Upper wall: one of the diffuse maps with one of the greyscale maps used as a metallic map. Lower wall: one of the diffuse maps with one of the normal maps.

The image maps can be used either alone (such as one of the normal maps mixed with a solid colour instead of a diffuse map), or mixed and matched with each other in whatever combo works for you.

I initially only made the diffuse maps to end up with some interesting tiling normals, but then I ended up keeping the diffuse maps too. Then, I decided to add a bunch of greyscales to make complete sets, because, why not?

Use, or don't use, whichever ones you want out of any given texture set. Even though PBR sets are usually reality-based, these ones are abstract, so there is no correct way to use them.

Wall: One of the normal maps with a marble texture from elsewhere.

The files are only 512x512, but to save file size, you can clip the textures down further if you like, to 1/4 size (256x256 from either the exact middle or any corner), since they come already tiled twice in each direction.

I keep them at 512x512 so that I can easily see the middle patterns that don't show unless tiled, but you can always make some 256x256's to use on your projects while saving the 512x512's somewhere else for quick reference.

Wall: one of the greyscale maps used as a metallic map on a bronze material, giving it an etched look.

These are just the first ones. There are lots more to come. Those will be free too. Details on what I mean by 'free' below...

Usage Info for the Scented Nectar textures:

The person who owned the domain as of January 31, 2018, (that's me, but worded this way, in case anyone else ever owns this domain in the future), retains the copyrights to these original textures, even though they are royalty-free to download and use. Here's what you can and can't do with them...

YOU CAN use them in commercial games royalty free. Also commercial 3D art, both still images and animations.

YOU CANNOT sell the textures themselves. You also cannot sell the textures themselves printed on things (eg, on Zazzle products). It IS ok though, to do so with derivative works of art, such as a rendered picture with an object in it that has used the textures, just not the textures printed on items on their own (even if tiled) outside of derivative works.

OPTIONALLY, if you want to make me very happy, feel free to send me screencaps of, or links to, what you've made with these.